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Karen Waters - Custom  Software - Web Design
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Karen Waters Custom Programs and Web Design

Web Design

Sample web pages displayed below. Reasonable rates.

We aim for high placement in indexing for popular search engines. To check high placement in search engine indexing, try keying in the following in Google, Yahoo, MSN or Webcrawler:
  • "Custom Hatching" or "Ontario Hatchery" to view placement of Millpond Hatchery
  • "Durham Appraisals" for placement of M.K. Espie Appraisals or Puckrin & Company Appraisals
  • "Port Perry Accommodations" for San-Man Motel (SanManMotel.com)
  • "Cobourg Accommodations" for Lotus Motel (LotusMotel.com) or Motel401 (Motel401.com)
  • "Cobourg Motel" for Lotus Motel (LotusMotel.com) or Motel401 (Motel401.com)
Breeze Canada - Custodial Software

San-Man Motel - Port Perry Accommodations

Motel Minden - Minden Accommodations